CJAMM Assists Inmates, Former Inmates, and Their Families

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry (CJAMM) Image: okumcministries.org

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry (CJAMM)
Image: okumcministries.org


Self-made investor Lew McGinnis rose above his humble beginnings to create a successful real estate development and management organization. His real estate investment career began with the purchase of a single apartment complex, and he ultimately expanded his business to encompass apartment communities throughout the midwestern and western United States and as far as Alaska. Throughout the course of his career, Mr. McGinnis has owned over 100,000 apartments. In the philanthropic area, his modest roots helped fuel his desire to help those in need. Involved in multiple charities, Lew McGinnis is particularly passionate about the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry. He serves as finance chairman of the organization.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry (CJAMM) was founded to help alleviate some of the burdens associated with incarceration. CJAMM focuses its efforts on both inmates and former inmates. For incarcerated individuals, CJAMM provides worship services and opportunities for relaxed meals and socialization. It also runs New Day Camp for the children of inmates. The camp provides counseling, worship services, and recreation.

To assist newly-released individuals, CJAMM runs Exodus House, which provides temporary housing for former inmates and their families for up to six months. The furnished, decorated apartments are supplied with food until the person finds employment. All items within the house are donated by the public, and the family can keep them when they leave. A case manager works with the former inmate to help him or her reacclimate into society.

City of Hope – Beckman Research Institute

The City of Hope pic

The City of Hope
Image: cityofhope.org

Tucson, Arizona, resident and successful real estate investor Lew McGinnis has been recognized by a number of organizations for his service and philanthropy. One of the organizations that has honored Lew McGinnis, presenting him with the “Man of the Year” award, is the City of Hope Cancer Research Center in Duarte, California.

The City of Hope features the Beckman Research Institute, dedicated to conducted research in deadly diseases. The research done by the Beckman Research Institute seeks to discover how diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer develop. The Institute provides symposiums and lectures throughout the year with guest speakers who are the leading researchers in the field.

The Beckman Research Institute has received grants from the National Cancer Institute regularly for over 30 years for the research it conducts. The world-famous Beckman Research Institute was established in 1983 by Arnold and Mable Beckman through the Beckman Foundation.

Pima Air and Space Museum Sponsors Paper Airplane Contest

Paper Airplane Contest pic

Paper Airplane Contest
Image: greatpaperairplane.org

Developer and entrepreneur Lew McGinnis has spent a lifetime investing in residential properties in the state of Arizona. Lew McGinnis’ philanthropic work includes support of the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

One of the largest privately funded organizations of its kind, the Pima Air and Space Museum exhibits more than 300 aircraft. Its mission is to maintain the history of air and space flight. As part of this goal, the museum offers several special programs, one of which is the Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off. The next Fly-Off will take place in April 2017.

The event is open to children age six through 14. Contestants construct an airplane from one 8-1/2” x 11” sheet of 20-weight paper and throw it in competition for the furthest flight. A Guinness World Record holder for paper airplane flight instructs the children in folding and throwing their planes.

The winners in each of three age subgroups get to enjoy an hour-long flight over Tucson. Everyone is eligible to win door prizes, including another tour of Tucson by air, plus tickets to NASCAR races and Mars chocolate candy. Further information and registration is available at www.greatpaperairplane.org.

Distinguished Speaker Series Enriches Student Education

Distinguished Speakers Series pic

Distinguished Speakers Series
Image: heritagehall.com

A skilled entrepreneur and real estate agent with more than 50 years of experience, Lew McGinnis manages his own real estate investment firm in Nicholls Hill, Oklahoma. Lew McGinnis maintains a high level of community involvement outside his professional responsibilities and formerly held positions on the board of directors for numerous organizations and educational institutions. He previously served on the board of directors for the Oklahoma-based Heritage Hall High School, which offers a Distinguished Speaker Series for students.

The Distinguished Speaker Series acts as an extension of Heritage Hall’s commitment to a rich education and engages students in compelling discussions about art appreciation, history, and current events. It features prominent speakers and performers from a variety of professions, in addition to Heritage Hall alumni members. Open to students and members of the public alike, the series also includes informal receptions at the end of each presentation that give attendees the opportunity to meet the speakers.

For more information about the Distinguished Speakers Series and a list of past and future guests, visit www.heritagehall.com/programs/distinguished-speaker-series.

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum Opens Stingray Touch Exhibit

Stingray Touch Exhibit pic

Stingray Touch Exhibit
Image: desertmuseum.org

Lew McGinnis possesses more than three decades of experience in entrepreneurship and real estate with a history of establishing several successful businesses in Oklahoma and Arizona. The owner of his own real estate investment firm in Oklahoma, Lew McGinnis also previously served as the director of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Foundation. On August 5, 2016, the museum opened a new exhibit called Stingray Touch.

Stingray Touch invites guests to experience a new element of conservation for the Sonoran Desert through the introduction of a stingray touch pool. Stingrays are plentiful in the Gulf of California where the Sonoran Desert meets the Sea of Cortez and hold an important place in the ocean’s ecosystem. Additionally, their presence helped the Sonoran Desert earn its reputation as the lushest desert on earth.

Visitors to Stingray Touch will receive the opportunity to interact with de-barbed cow nose stingrays and participate in scheduled feeding times. Stingray pups featured in the pool were raised at the Phoenix Zoo and their sustainable seafood diet is made possible through a partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

To learn more about the Stingray Touch exhibit, visit www.desertmuseum.org/stingrays.

Soarin’ Saturdays at the Pima Air and Space Museum

Soarin' Saturdays pic

Soarin’ Saturdays
Image: pimaair.org

An experienced real estate investor, Lew McGinnis also has a long history of philanthropic activity and community volunteerism. Lew McGinnis formerly served as director of the Pima Air and Space Museum.

Opened in 1976 and located in Tucson, Arizona, the Pima Museum has grown to become one of the world’s largest aviation and space museums not funded by a government. It features more than 300 historical aircrafts and hosts a variety of programs and events.

A STEM program designed to get kids excited about math and science, Pima’s Soarin’ Saturdays takes a hands-on approach to imparting valuable instruction about flight and aerospace topics. The focus of the program changes throughout the month. For example, the first Saturday of each month is devoted to model airplane building while the second concentrates on rocketry experimentation. The program’s Young Flyers Fun session occurs on the fourth Saturday of each month, with an encore session offered the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Held in the Space Gallery Classroom, Soarin’ Saturdays sessions are always free with admission and require parent participation. They last approximately 90 minutes.

The Kino School – “The World Is Our Classroom”

Kino School pic

Kino School
Image: kinoschool.org

The owner of a real estate firm in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, Lew McGinnis has been investing in residential properties for more than 55 years. In addition to his nationwide property investments, Lew McGinnis was an original founder and president of the Kino School.

A Catholic school that serves students from primary to high school, the Kino School (formerly the Kino Learning Center) is located on First Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. As part of its dedication to “individualized educational programming” and the “basic values of progressive education,” the school offers a range of educational field trips and community apprentice work.

The Kino School is intent on regarding the wider world as an extension of the classroom. In addition to traditional school outings, such as visiting various museums, Kino offers extended field trips to engage students in activities, such as studying marine biology and camping and hiking throughout the western United States.

These activities are an integral part of the school curriculum and serve as valuable educational tools. School leaders also use them to hone students’ sense of responsibility and to stress the importance of taking an active role in the community at large.

Community Events at Arizona Opera

Arizona Opera pic

Arizona Opera
Image: azopera.org

Real estate investor and entrepreneur Lew McGinnis is the owner of a real estate investment firm located in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma. Over the years, Lew McGinnis has also held leadership roles with a number of art and cultural institutions, including Arizona Opera, which he served as director.

Currently in its 44th season, Arizona Opera produces a wide variety of opera, collaborative programs, and concerts in locations across the United States. Arizona Opera offers such community programs as the Sister Cities Festival, which showcases the unique cultural offerings of Arizona’s sister cities across the globe. In the same vein, Arizona Opera explores Western art at the Western Cultural Festival, which takes place in locations throughout Arizona.

Outside of its festivals, Arizona Opera encourages community members to remain in the theater after performances and interact with the cast and creative teams behind its productions. Community members can also receive a behind-the-scenes look at productions through a free lecture and music series at the Kerr Cultural Center and attend pre-performance lectures at Arizona Opera’s Phoenix and Tucson locations.

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Features Live Exhibits and More

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum pic

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Image: desertmuseum.org

Lew McGinnis is based in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, and is the owner of a capital investments firm. A lifelong entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis also has served as director of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Foundation. The collections at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) are meant to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world.

The exhibits at ASDM are designed to simulate natural habitats and present the intermingling of plants, animals, and geology. The animals on display are native to the Sonoran Desert region and consist of 106 mammals, 241 birds, 361 reptiles, 122 amphibians, 10,700 fish, and 840 arthropods. The ASDM also exhibits 40,000 plants from 1,300 different species. Additionally, visitors can see 14,095 specimens of gems, minerals, and fossils, including the first and only noteworthy dinosaur skeleton found in Southern Arizona.

Some of the plant and animal species exhibited at the ASDM are endangered or extremely rare. The museum aims to educate visitors regarding the conditions of natural habitats that may now be devoid of certain plants and animals.

Arizona Opera Caters to Students and Schools

Arizona Opera Image: azopera.org

Arizona Opera
Image: azopera.org


Lew McGinnis is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who resides in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma. Throughout his life, Lew McGinnis has supported various charitable and community organizations, including the Arizona Opera, where he served as director.

Showcasing operatic performances since 1972, the Arizona Opera offers local schools and classes several unique opportunities through which students can learn more about the historic art form. This year, students in elementary school can attend Rusalka: The Littlest Mermaid, a Russian adaptation of The Little Mermaid fairytale. The Arizona Opera also offers 90-minute tours of the Arizona Opera Center, as well as the Find Your Voice Workshop, which caters to students interested in music, theater, and other artistic endeavors.

Starting in August, schools in the Tucson and Phoenix areas can request specific operas to perform on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year. This year’s Tucson tour will run from September to December 16, 2016, while the Phoenix tour will be held from the end of January until May 12, 2017.