About Lew McGinnis

A respected Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis has 56 years of experience in the real estate investment sphere. He has owned properties throughout the Midwest and West, including Alaska, with an emphasis on finding opportunities in markets primed for growth. Lew McGinnis began working as a child selling eggs door-to-door, and by his teens, he had built up a successful Kansas City enterprise refurbishing produce boxes. He subsequently formed corporations such as Mac McGinnis Autos and a small credit finance company.

Mr. McGinnis quickly expanded to several car sales operations and appeared on late night television promoting his businesses as enterprises that never refused to finance loans. Through the combined success of his credit loan and car sales businesses, he began purchasing apartment properties in Phoenix, Arizona. His real estate activities steadily expanded to land acquisitions across Arizona, and he left the car sales industry at age 22.

Lew McGinnis has owned and managed more than 100,000 apartments over the course of his career. He also developed the 160-acre Williams Center in Tucson, Arizona, which ultimately became home to many of his businesses and offices.


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