The Upcoming Season of the Arizona Opera Company

 Arizona Opera Company pic

Arizona Opera Company

An experienced entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis began his first business as a child. He worked his way up to success in real estate development, overseeing projects such as the Williams Center in Tucson, Arizona. Moreover, Lew McGinnis has served as the director of the Arizona Opera Company.

Since its establishment in 1971, the Arizona Opera Company has produced concerts, operas, and collaborative programs on a seasonal basis. The upcoming season of operas will feature the following shows:

1. Maria de Buenos Aires: Seeking freedom, Maria leaves her life of innocence behind and is consumed by the darkness of the Buenos Aires slums.

2. Charlie Parker’s Yardbird: This tale of an American saxophonist delves into the dark struggles of his life; it features distinctive jazz influences.

3. La Traviata: Violetta chooses to sacrifice her accomplishments for the love of Alfredo Germont, ultimately facing heartrending decisions and complex truths.

4. Silent Night: During World War I, German, French, and British soldiers call a temporary truce, meeting in no-man’s-land in honor of Christmas.

5. The Marriage of Figaro: Mozart’s classic pits Figaro, a groom-to-be, against his master, Count Almaviva, who is determined to seduce the bride-to-be; there is a complex cast of characters, all of whom are seeking their own happiness.