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The Importance of Phonetic “Invented” Spellings in Learning to Read


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Invented Spelling

As head of an investment company in Nicholls Hill, Oklahoma, Lew McGinnis draws on more than a half century of experience in the real estate investment sphere. Lew McGinnis has a strong community focus and, having been diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, works with underserved children in reinforcing reading abilities.

For young children, writing is an important part of gaining overall mastery of the alphabetic system. One classic study of preschoolers found that they used their knowledge of phonological relations to write words in invented ways that matched the sounds associated with the word. For example, “bk” could stand in for “bike.” Interestingly, the misspellings contribute to overall abilities in language, as the process of putting letters to sounds gets kids to actively consider letter-sound relations.

Classrooms that provide ample opportunities for children to express themselves through writing, without worrying too much about proper handwriting and spelling, engages them in a creative process that ultimately instills the real purpose of writing.

Traditional Purebred Poultry – A Vital Aspect of Biodiversity


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Purebred Poultry

A respected presence in the Nicholls Hill, Oklahoma, community, Lew McGinnis leads a real estate-focused investment firm. Lew McGinnis comes from an agricultural family and at one point owned North America’s biggest purebred poultry farm.

Traditional purebred chickens are an irreplaceable part of the industry, as they help preserve genetic diversity and could prove critical in ensuring the viability of the poultry industry in the case of livestock disease. Each breed represents a full complement of desirable traits, including longevity, disease resistance, fertility, and foraging ability.

Many purebred chickens have characteristics suited to specific climates and geographical regions, as well. For example, the Ancona, the Leghorn, and other Mediterranean breeds have a reputation for egg laying, while the Canadian Chantecler is ideal for cold climates. For purebred poultry farmers, a key challenge involves ensuring a certain amount of predictability and uniformity while providing for variability that encourages vigor and avoids issues associated with inbreeding.