Tips for Inspiring a Love of Reading in Children

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Lew McGinnis, a real estate investor in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, with nearly six decades of experience in the field. Away from his business activities, Lew McGinnis spends much of his time participating in charitable activities, particularly those that promote children’s literacy.

Teaching a child will significantly impact that child’s future educational development. Studies have shown that reading to and discussing literature with a child is the most effective way to increase a young person’s IQ. Similarly, children who go on to enjoy independent reading as a pastime typically develop advanced reading skills earlier and score better on standardized tests across all academic subjects. However, parents and teachers may find that teaching a child how to read is easier than developing a true passion for reading.

One of the most effective ways to inspire a lifelong love of reading in a child is simply to find a book that captures their interest in the same way as their favorite movie or video game. Decisions on specific titles are best left to the people who know an individual child’s personal interests, but lists of beloved books for children at all age levels can be found in numerous places, from the New York Public Library’s website, to TIME Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Children’s Books of All Time.

Other tips for preparing a child for a lifetime of reading include reading to a child at an early age, as often as possible. Scheduling regular visits to the local library can also help. Perhaps most importantly, adults should refrain from forcing a child to read, inadvertently turning the pastime into a chore. Instead, parents and teachers should allow children to develop their skills and interests as a reader at their own pace.


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