City of Hope – Beckman Research Institute

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The City of Hope

Tucson, Arizona, resident and successful real estate investor Lew McGinnis has been recognized by a number of organizations for his service and philanthropy. One of the organizations that has honored Lew McGinnis, presenting him with the “Man of the Year” award, is the City of Hope Cancer Research Center in Duarte, California.

The City of Hope features the Beckman Research Institute, dedicated to conducted research in deadly diseases. The research done by the Beckman Research Institute seeks to discover how diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer develop. The Institute provides symposiums and lectures throughout the year with guest speakers who are the leading researchers in the field.

The Beckman Research Institute has received grants from the National Cancer Institute regularly for over 30 years for the research it conducts. The world-famous Beckman Research Institute was established in 1983 by Arnold and Mable Beckman through the Beckman Foundation.