The Kino School – “The World Is Our Classroom”

Kino School pic

Kino School

The owner of a real estate firm in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, Lew McGinnis has been investing in residential properties for more than 55 years. In addition to his nationwide property investments, Lew McGinnis was an original founder and president of the Kino School.

A Catholic school that serves students from primary to high school, the Kino School (formerly the Kino Learning Center) is located on First Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. As part of its dedication to “individualized educational programming” and the “basic values of progressive education,” the school offers a range of educational field trips and community apprentice work.

The Kino School is intent on regarding the wider world as an extension of the classroom. In addition to traditional school outings, such as visiting various museums, Kino offers extended field trips to engage students in activities, such as studying marine biology and camping and hiking throughout the western United States.

These activities are an integral part of the school curriculum and serve as valuable educational tools. School leaders also use them to hone students’ sense of responsibility and to stress the importance of taking an active role in the community at large.


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