Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Features Live Exhibits and More

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum pic

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Lew McGinnis is based in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, and is the owner of a capital investments firm. A lifelong entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis also has served as director of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Foundation. The collections at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) are meant to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world.

The exhibits at ASDM are designed to simulate natural habitats and present the intermingling of plants, animals, and geology. The animals on display are native to the Sonoran Desert region and consist of 106 mammals, 241 birds, 361 reptiles, 122 amphibians, 10,700 fish, and 840 arthropods. The ASDM also exhibits 40,000 plants from 1,300 different species. Additionally, visitors can see 14,095 specimens of gems, minerals, and fossils, including the first and only noteworthy dinosaur skeleton found in Southern Arizona.

Some of the plant and animal species exhibited at the ASDM are endangered or extremely rare. The museum aims to educate visitors regarding the conditions of natural habitats that may now be devoid of certain plants and animals.


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